How to Make Effective Lead Generation Form?

Attracting prospects to a brand’s digital channels is only one component of the inbound marketing challenge. Converting visitors into sales leads is what really matters to the bottom line. Radvi Web Form can help convert a prospect to a qualified opportunity.

If a form brings in qualified leads for your business, it’s at least somewhat effective. But when it comes to generating the clients your company needs to succeed, “somewhat” isn’t enough. An effective lead generation form:

Easy and Beautiful Design

The design is more about making your form stand out than making it look pretty. Sure, it needs to be pleasing to the eye, but if visitors can’t find the form at a glance, then you’re just making them work for it and that causes friction.

Reduce The Number Of Fields

This seems obvious, but unfortunately it needs to be repeated.

After analyzing many landing pages, The researcher found that conversion rates improve when unnecessary fields are eliminated. This makes sense because shorter forms are easier to fill.

When creating your lead generation forms, think about what fields you really need. Obviously an email field is required, but beyond that, you need to be careful about what information you’re asking for.

For example, studies show that asking for phone numbers can cause a 5% dip in conversion rates. If a phone number is not absolutely crucial to your marketing strategy, you don’t need to ask for it. The same goes for addresses, zip codes, your dog’s name, and other fields that plague long forms.

Validate Web Form Data

Form validation helps you to ensure that visitors fill out web forms in the correct format, making sure that submitted data will work successfully.

Clear Call to Action Text

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are the buttons you use in your web form to guide users towards your goal conversion. It’s the part of the web form that the user needs to click in order to take the action you want them to take.

Call to action buttons should feature striking, action-oriented text. Substitute boring words like “submit” and “enter” for more action-packed words like “get,” “reserve,” and “try.” Your action words should go along with specific text relating to your offer like:

  • Try Our Free Trial
  • Reserve Your Seat
  • Download Whitepaper

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