Connect your PBX to Dynamics CRM

Take all business opportunities by connecting your PBX to MS Dynamics CRM

No credit card needed

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No Client Installation

User friendly interface without any additional installation in client side

Easy to Connect

Minimum configuration is needed to connect CRM and PBX

Browser Notification

Show incoming calls notification via web push notification

Support all Phone Field

Search on leads, contacts and account to match incoming call

Positive Reviews

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Don’t miss a single business opportunity by interconnection between you PBX and CRM
Call History

Agent call history with all accounts/ contacts

New Customer

Create new contact / customers immediately

Record phone

Record phone call activities in CRM automatically

View Last Item

View Last Quote, Lead, opportunity of Customer

Voice Record

Access to voice file of conversation between agent and customer

Pop up Dialog

Pop up current customer name for every incoming call

New Item

Create new lead, opportunity, case for incoming calls

Report in Pop up

Select custom report to view on incoming calls

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