Radvi Events add-in for Dynamics CRM

Set your customers birthday, marriage day, or any other important event in system and take required action accordingly.

No credit card needed

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You can set several periods for events such as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

You can setup system to send SMS, Telegram Message or email or add a reward in customer clubs, offer special quotes or send reminder in that event

How it works:

Lets setup system to send congrates to a customer every year in his company stabilishment date.

Event name : company estbilished

Date :2018/04/20

Next date : 2021/04/20

Customer: X

Description: send SMS to customer and say congratulation on this event.

Happened : No

Create simple workfollow that send SMS to customer X whenever happened become Yes and add one year to next year then set happened to No.

Event add one will set Happened to Yes automatically every year 20 April and system will send SMS then go ahead with the same every year.

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