Radvi Software Services Terms & Conditions

Support services

RadviNext will provide a reasonable level of technical and end-user support regarding the software via e-mail and other channels as announced from time to time. Availability and manner of contacting will be published on the RadviNext website and other channels.

Update servicess

RadviNext will from time to time release updates to the software that improve functionality or address bugs or limitations. Further, at your request RadviNext will strive to create updates that address issues identified by you, if reasonable and within the scope of the software.

RadviNext reserves the right to limit its service in case

  • The website(s) in question contain(s) explicit or offensive content
  • You or your staff does not behave in a civil manner towards RadviNext personnel
  • You repeatedly make demands that are unreasonable or clearly outside the scope of the contract

In such cases, RadviNext will issue a written statement explaining the reasoning behind the limitation.


RadviNext shall keep strictly confidential all non-public information from you it may collect in connection with your use of the software. No obligation for confidentiality exists regarding any input for suggested updates.


The agreement is entered into on the day your initial fee payment is received by Yoast and remains in force for an initial one month period (if you selected monthly payment during checkout) or an initial twelve-month period (if you selected annual payment during checkout). Upon receipt of further payments, the agreement is renewed for a successive period equal in length to the initial period. Both you and Yoast can cancel anytime with effect at the end of the then-current term.


 Any discounts only apply to the first term of the purchased subscription.